Peakview Alpacas is a large breeding heard of Huacaya alpacas in somerset

All ranges of colours are available

We always have animals for sale e.g. young entire males - potential studs, wethers (castrated males) as pets or companion animals, young females ready for breeding and pregnant females.

Alpacas are lovely quiet, calm animals and are relatively easy to look after. They are herd animals and must not be kept alone therefore minimum number to be kept is two.

Gelded males (wethers) make good pets or companion animals.

Alpacas do not challenge fences so a four foot post and fencing system is adequate.

as a guide 4-5 animals can be kept per acre for good pasture management.

Alpacas are shorn once a year and at the same time their feet can be trimmed if necessary. We can put you in touch with expert shearers.

The fleece can be processed into wool at several mills around the country or is excellent for hand spinning.

Here at Peakview we produce handmade teddybears from alpaca fleece. These bears are for the collectors market.

We offer a full after sales service and advice, and we also offer a pregnancy scanning service.

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